Liang Wei

Liang Wei: Vague Necessity | TimeOut Beijing

Liang Wei: Vague Necessity

Source: TimeOut Beijing | 2016/04/12

Vague Necessity at Magician Space, the first solo painting show for Beijing-based artist LiangWei, references traditional landscape painting but abstracts its formal language. The spare oil, acrylic and watercolour canvases on view here, as the title implies, elicit vague reference points: portraits, landscapes, citygrids, still lives. Liang’s aesthetic is very flat, condensing time and depth into an all-over compositional method reflecting a painterly corollary to her work as a video artist. In Vague Necessity, the landscape tradition is more felt than seen, with sinuous lines suggesting foliage, falling water, and mountain tops coalescing into an abstract gestalt.



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