Wu Xiaojun: 2025 Project

Wu Xiaojun By Lu Yinghua

Wu Xiaojun

By Lu Yinghua

Wu Xiaojun was an important figure in the conceptual photography movement in the 1990s,when he created clay figures and staged them in politically minded fictional scenarios ,since2000,Wu has shifted the focus of his practice towards making sculptures that employ a wealth of materials from animal bone ashes to grounded pill powder as well as site-specific neon-light installations , often involving texts and words .his work reference and reinterpret a variety of news event ,in an attempt to question and stretch our social and political experiences and perceptions .Despite the critical nature of his view ,the materialization of his vision is often emotional and even transcendent.

His process of working always originates from an interest in a particular political or social event or phenomenon, which is followed by a thorough reading and investigation of the event as well as a thoughtful analysis of its context .This intellectual process proceeds to a meticulous investigation into the choice, application and experiment of materials .His curiosity and sensitivity towards materials open up endless possibilities for his sculptures and installations.