Jiang Zhi:Strait is the Gate

  • Artist: Jiang Zhi

    Date: Nov. 10 - Dec. 30, 2012(Privateview:Nov. 10,2012)

    Jiang Zhi’s works are full of repetitions, from Tremble, Maiden, Sorry, Curtain Call, MuMu to the latest works The Quiet Bodies, Voice, and The Light of Transience… The repetition here is not merely a formal one –“time and time again”, nor a straightforward extraction and representation of life – “once again”, nor that of industrial productions – “more”, and even less so, the pursuit of the first satisfaction in psychoanalysis – “like the first time”.

    Strait is the Gate attempts to discuss the eventuality of the work and the exhibition itself – grasping events and subjectivity, the creation of meaning, the repeat of repetitions and pushing the work and even the exhibition to the edge of differentiation.

    “Why repeat?” is not the question raised here, but rather, “what kind of process is it that we are trying to construct? What is it as a whole? Is it that in this state, repetition has become a necessity?”