He An: A Mole on each Breast and Another on the Shoulder

  • Artist: He An

    Date: Jul. 28 - Aug. 21, 2011(Privateview:Jul. 28,2011)

    Magician Space is delighted to present an solo exhibition of He An on July 28th A Mole on each Breast and Another on the Shoulder. This is He An’s second architecture-related project in Magician Space since his previous exhibition I believe someone will take me there, but that’s for tomorrow in 2010.

    He An sealed the whole exhibition space off and leaved only one passageway for the two gallery staff, leading to the bathroom. The wideness of the path equals the thickness of the female staffs’ body. They have to walk into the path, lean to one side, to reach the bathroom. Meanwhile, He An put the title of the work A Mole on each Breast and Another on the Shoulder written in two lines of braille on the wall inside of the path. The heights of braille match the heights of two female staffs’ breasts. Only the women with similar figures can walk into the path and touch the braille with their breasts.

    The neon names with the twinkle of violence and romantic solemnity, the twisted road lamps on the community paths providing strangers with vehicles for communication, or the braille that forcefully touch the female body in the narrow passageway, are all ultra-abstracted to form the components of He An's emotional languages. He An believes that architectural space’s nature is space of emotions and is also deeply connected to personal emotions.

    When talking about this project, He An said: “There is a conception of virtual space in architecture. Some architects had never built a real building but it is necessary. Like Hawking, the entire hypotheses he said are absolutely working in theory. The space of imagination is very crucial to me. It let me feel that space is connected with people and emotions.

    This time, He An projected his personal emotions again in this narrow space and materialized it into a wall,into two lines of braille. He opened people’s familiar understandings about space in a nearly violent way. The Mole, it is just a key and nobody can estimate the direction and deepness the work derives. And what the key leads to is beyond our concern. This exhibition lasts until Aug.21st.