Gao weigang: BLIND•BEE

  • Artist: Gao weigang

    Date: Mar. 3 - Jun. 1, 2009(Privateview:Apr. 3,2009)

    The stringent structure of a social organization is willfully formulated & planned by specific main body and it slowly grows up following controlled method which can be very furtive. Normally, we tend to ‘voluntarily’ identify ourselves as a minute element in this planned structure like small bees.

    For this field installment, the definitive result of certain activities at a given time point & frequency is actually a result of accumulation & exchange of the jumbled information(dust, scarfskin, hair or even smell) undesignedly carried by everybody stepping into this open field as a participator.

    The uncertainty of participators leads to the attenuation of individual & highlight of the massification. The implementing method of the plan further enhances the secrecy of participation & control. Participators of this social event are on a journey of blindness & danger.

    The space, as social backdrop, is planned to be the structure supportive to different scenarios. All participators are turned into the event.

    The exiguity & ephemeral life becomes a component of grand whole. The tragedy is rooted in being controlled by others & oneself.

    No exemption.