Wu Xiaojun: 2025 Project

  • Artist: Wu Xiaojun

    Date: Nov. 29, 2008 - Mar. 16, 2009(Privateview:Nov. 29,2008)

    To Jeffrey Sachs, Project 2025 is an end to the extreme poverty. Whereas to us, it is yet another hopeless expectation for the future. We await for the future just like we fancy about art. To see how far our thoughts can take us. To see if how high and dreamy we can get. Project 2025 is a great opportunity for us indeed, to question and create questions. Maybe in the end it all comes down to the battle between our ignorance and wisdom. Practical experiences make us wonder, in the complexity of history, how much is left in our dreams and ambitions? What else can we do? May we start with working, not just for the cliched ethics in the theories about labor, nor should we dwell in the sickness of cultural masturbation and masochism. Not only is work the beginning of our very own reality, but also it can be the rationale and turning point of the innovation of questions. Yes, "Work Makes One Free". We should review the sentence, no matter we are in Wall Street or Pearl River Delta; the neo-liberalism spirit covers all the mountains and all the rivers in the world.

    We work! With our delicate heartbeats, we turn all the reality into abstract energy that lights up all the lanterns that can shine from days of liberty all the way to the heart of  darkness.

    If only, you dare exploit the last bit of power, would it be sensible for the world to rely on us laborers in pursuit of a brighter future?

    If only, labor could be traded for our liberation, then would the brilliance of liberty propel us to move forward?

    If only, 2025 was but some velocity of light that we expected for, would it actually have the power to eliminate poverty through the capsule of time?