Bai Yiluo: Donkey & Pig

  • Artist: Bai Yiluo

    Date: Jun. 28 - Aug. 27, 2008(Privateview:Jun. 28,2008)

    It is indeed a professional thing to describe and comment on some works in words. For those who are not good at expression in words, like me, it is really difficult. However, if we can find some available articles or opinions suitable for these works, perhaps it is a good way to quote it directly. The following four paragraphs are selected from “Who is Man “written by Herschel, American philosopher. I like to explain my works in this exhibition via such words.
    “The fat that a man's body contains is enough to make 7 pieces of soap. The iron that a man's body contains is enough to make a medium size nail and the phosphorus containing is enough to make 2,000 match ends.”

    “A man not only has a body but also has a face. The face can neither be replaced nor be transplanted. The face is a message and a way of communication, which is often ignored. Is not the face exactly the real mixture of mystery and meaning? All of us can see it, but no one can describe it. Among thousands of faces, none is exactly the same. Any face will change in an instant. Is not it very wonderful? That part of a body that is most revealable and most familiar is the one that is most difficult to describe. It is a synonym of uniqueness. Can we regard a face as an ordinary thing? "

    “One day, one woke up and stubbornly insisted he was a cock. People did not understand what he meant and even wanted to send him to the madhouse. However, one day, another man woke up and stubbornly insisted he was a man. We do not understand what he means, either.”

    “No one will laugh at the stars or mock the exploration of atomic bomb.”