Heart Moves Before Body

  • Artist: Yu Bogong

    Date: Sept. 4 - Nov. 6, 2008(Privateview:Sept. 4,2008)

    The Sound unlocked the contact and communication of the human beings, and all the universal objects have their own languages. Lightning, thundering, wind blowing, cloud swirling, mountain collapsing, earth breaking, and ocean waves high up the sky. The animals use their sound and behavior as their language to communicate with each other. The birth of word accelerates the transmission of the social information.

    Today the TV sets and computers make the mutual cognizance and communication faster and more solid. Eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, language, and word constitute the diversity of the language of the human beings. The multiple languages of both natural and human world cherish the same ultimate goal. Seen from this point, the human sets up too many barriers for itself. 

    “All things have spirits” shows respect to the nature, and reveals a signal that human regained its freedom. The sound of nature, the original chattering of the universe has more thorough and more persistent influence on human beings than the inventions created by human itself. Art is just like the dream after the fatigue of human, “lost oneself, regain the homeward”.

    Eight Little Spirits enables people to review the natural psychological experience by reproducing the natural sound. Cocaine is just like a hysteric journey of seeing your own blood in your body in the hallucination. Heart Moves before Body makes your heart fly in the self-awareness, silence and without anything being done.