Guan Xiao:Survivors' Hunting

  • Artist: Guan Xiao

    Date: Jan. 12 - Mar. 24, 2013(Privateview:Jan. 12,2013)

    In this era of the new media, information is presented to us multi-dimensionally. Everything is potential material to be read and processed - the key to digesting knowledge depends on how we program choices.

    Guan Xiao has a unique judgment and control with her use of materials. She has the ability to employ extreme visual language as a method of conveying conceptions artistically, and through her practice, presenting her vibrant individuality to her audience to its fullest.

    In Survivors' Hunting, the artist takes on the role of a collector and projects the mind in the form of a hunting ground. All works presented are the result of her hunt and at the same time a hunting target for the audience. Guan employs a collage method to interweave different knowledge systems, presenting the artist's own process of thinking and her understanding of the "ways of seeing". She aims to engage the audience in reading with both visual language and linguistics simultaneously, thereby renewing the way they see and think.