Chen Zhou: I'm not not not Chen Zhou

  • Artist: Chen Zhou

    Date: Apr. 18 - Jun. 16, 2013(Privateview:Apr. 18,2013)

    Since 2010, Chen Zhou has continually experimented with aesthetic languages in his video work. Through an exaggeration or simplification of semiotic forms, these works attempt to dissociate, reassemble and reproduce various narrative structures. Chen Zhou adopts the term ‘hedonism’ to describe the current stage of his work. It is also used to express uncertainties of aesthetic value in his work and at the same time present to us the anxiety he faces with the work.

    With his solo exhibition at Magician Space, I’m not not not Chen Zhou centers around the artist’s colleagues, friends, and curators. Chen describes the work as a ‘yellow journey’. They explore fragments of the ego and the blurry relationships that connect together these pieces to reveal a path that this Chen Zhou (who isn’t Chen Zhou) is about to embark on.