Group Exhibition: Difference Engine

  • Artist: Chen Zhou Guan Xiao Liu Shiyuan Li Ran Song Ta Yu Honglei

    Date: Nov. 9 - Dec. 22, 2013(Privateview:Nov. 9,2013)

    For Magician Space’s autumn group exhibition, the show takes as its namesake, an uncompleted invention dating back to the 19th century. The idea of this machine inspired a work of fiction by William Gibson, a book postulating an alternative course of characters and historical events initiated by its hypothetical invention. As an exhibition, the question of how to produce ‘difference’ reveals itself with strategies that unfold the varying stages of art production: from recouping the vocabulary and linguistic forms used to create visual art, to nominating paradoxical areas of action and contemplation, and through offering shared but separate ways of accounting for open potentiality.

    Beginning the year 2013 with a series of exhibitions dedicated to emerging voices in China, Magician Space has been interested in addressing questions related to how structures and knowledge systems inform our current understanding of the art world and an artist’s changing relationship to this narrative. Difference Engine is a group exhibition marking another entry point into this ongoing series of collaborations, bringing together a collection of artists who have exhibited with solo shows this year alongside collaborations with new artists.