Tang Yongxiang

  • Artist: Tang Yongxiang

    Date: Jan. 11 - Mar. 9, 2014(Privateview:Jan. 11,2014)

    Magician Space is delighted to present the solo exhibition of Tang Yongxiang. Tang Yongxiang’s paintings emerge from a process of concealment: the artist’s process attempts to abandon vestiges of individual experience and society’s backdrop by obscuring judgment and ideology, whilst also reorganizing and liberating fragments of images. Indulgence paradoxically alternates here with rationality to offer a mode of producing work full of tension. The outline of these extreme forms is analogous to a schizophrenic individual; they shape together Tang Yongxiang’s eclectic artistic language.

    Tang Yongxiang has often mentioned in interviews, ‘…even if I am unsure exactly what an object really is, there will always be a certain ‘object’ captured. It is this ‘thing’ that will be facing you. However you may paint it, it will never quite be enough.’ Akin to discovering a scene cleared away just after an accident, Tang Yongxiang is interested in revealing a trove of submerged pieces. This idea ofan underlying current with each individual eye produces a unique effect to unravel all kinds of clues and generate new connections. The relationship between human identity and its dark side is buried within the painting. They continually clash together and become immersed in perpetual search of one another. Or viewed from another perspective: after a process of cleansing vestiges of memory, they can be regarded as the final remnants reduced into purified symbols - together they convey an unceasing reflection and exploration with each creation.


    Tang Yongxiang (b.1977, Hubei) graduated with a Master’s Degree in Hubei Institute of Fine Arts and currently lives and works in Beijing.