Art Basel Hong Kong 2019

  • Artist: Duan Zhengqu Guan Yong Jiang Zhi Liu Yefu Shi Guowei Timur Si-qin Tang Yongxiang Wuchen Yao Qingmei

    Date: Mar. 29 - Mar. 31, 2019(Privateview:Mar. 29,2019)


    Hall 1|1B16
    Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai
    2019.3.29 - 3.31
    Preview|3.27 - 3.28

    Magician Space is honored to present the artworks of nine artists, including Duan Zhengqu, Guan Yong, Jiang Zhi, Liu Yefu, Shi Guowei, Timur Si-qin, Tang Yongxiang, Wuchen and Yao Qingmei at Art Basel Hong Kong (Booth 1B16). Their creation covers painting, photography, installation and video in various media forms, and they focus on two kinds of subjects, namely "figure" and "landscape". Magician Space sincerely invites you to come to the booth and enjoy the individual scenery weaved by them.