Art stage Singapore 2012

  • Artist: Yu Bogong

    Date: Jan. 12 - Jan. 15, 2012(Privateview:Jan. 12,2012)

    I hope this finds you well. I am contacting you from Magician Space, Beijing, on the occasion of our participation in Art Stage Singapore 2012.

    Founded by artist Qu Kejie in 2008, Magician Space has consistently staged strong exhibitions of work in different media by breakthrough Chinese artists. The gallery is devoted to addressing and summarizing blank spots in the development of Chinese contemporary art. Its four annual exhibitions invite artists with a serious attitude and experimental spirit to propose projects that aim to provoke viewers’ thinking on two axes – vertically relative to current ideology, and horizontally relative to existing models of thinking and visual habits which are constantly expanding. Have not only exhibited the works of Chinese artist such as Chen Shaoxiong & Liu Ding, Gao Weigang, He An, Bai Yiluo,Hu Xiaoyuan, Hu Yun, Lian Dongya, Liu Zhuoquan, Pan Honggang and Hu Youchen, Qiu Xiaofei, Ren Cheng, Wu Xiaojun, Xiong Wenyun, Yu Bogong, Zheng Guogu, but also video works of Spanish Bestue-Vives group. Recently on display is young artist Hu Liu’s  project "World - Night".

    Attendance at both CIGE and Art Hong Kong in 2011, and the artist Gao Weigang have won award in Art Future ART HK11. We are delighted to showcase The Rising Silence, a project by Yu Bogong, in Art Stage Singapore 2012.

    Your awareness, engagement and communication are essential for us to promote emerging contemporary art in China.