2016 ASIA NOW 
Paris Asian Art Fair 

  • Artist: Liu YefuLiu ChuangYao Qingmei

    Date: Oct. 20 - Oct. 23, 2016(Privateview:Oct. 19,2016)

    Booth No: A201
    Private View: 19th October
    Venue: 9 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris


    Magician Space is pleased to mark its first participation at this year’s Asia Now with a group presentation of work by artists Liu Chuang, Liu Yefu and Qingmei Yao.

    Liu Chuang (b. 1978, Hubei) works primarily with sculpture, film, and installation. His poetic works are known for engaging at the borders of social, economic, and urban realities in China. In his recent work, a ‘Fang Sheng’ motif of ancient origin seemingly refuses to die, displaying instincts often found in the behaviour of living organisms. The artist traces the evolution of the symbol as it re-generates variants of itself across different carriers, forms and surfaces through time. Presented at the fair is again this auspicious symbol, which is embedded into porcelain vessels adapted into electric lamps, which become reanimated through changing coloured lights.

    Liu Yefu (b. 1986, Beijing) is young artist currently working between Baltimore, New York, and Beijing. He works from a trove of found moving-image, edited with footage filmed and performed by the artist to form an array of new characters and narratives mixed together. Yefu hijacks images directly from both the avant-garde and mass media, framing contrasting relationships that travel across different visual cultures, geographies, and virtual or real figures. The artist ponders on these realities, working between video and installation, as he attempts to compress all the information into digital screens that waver between their 2 & 3 dimensional form.

    Qingmei Yao (b.1983, Zhejiang) uses an interventionist approach to re-imagine and perturb the parameters of reality to yield new possibilities. Layering absurdist gesture with poetic action, a particular emphasis is placed on how symbolic gestures gain or lose power through acts of displacement and appropriation. Her theatrical performances and interventions find form in areas overlapping burlesque techniques of parody, which combine with framing devices influenced by theatre sets and costume, pedagogical lectures, political satire and modern dance choreography.

    Liu Yefu

    640W 139th St., 2014, Single channel HD video, color, sound, 6'46''

    York News, 2014, Double channels HD video projection, 3D-printing, color, sound, 10'40''

    What up! Yefu, 2014, Single channel HD video installation, 3D-printed paper, C-print 80×44, Video, Dimensions variable, 10'34''

    Liu Chuang

    Fang Sheng Vase, 2016, Porcelain, 26x20x10cm(x3)

    Yao Qingmei

    Spectre solaire: Ballet de la Nuit, 2016, 7'30''