• Current Exhibition

    Liu Yefu: No Easy Symbolism

    Artist: Liu Yefu

    Date: May. 15 - Jun. 20, 2018

    In his second solo exhibition No Easy Symbolism at Magician Space, Liu Yefu presents recent video works as well as a group of small sculptures.By constantly magnifying the self-contradictions of things or behavior, Liu Yefu's video works reflect the structural crisis and deviation from existing meanings on a more abstract level. For this exhibition, the artist has chosen to use “screening,” the simplest and most unaffected form, to display his video works, directly entering into the judgement of the subjects that the works explore, and also hinting towards the ambiguous r...
  • Past Exhibition

    Liang Wei: Before Itself

    Artist: Liang Wei

    Date: Mar. 22 - May. 6, 2018

    Magician Space is pleased to present Before Itself, a second solo exhibition with the gallery by Beijing-based artist Liang Wei. One of China’s most exciting new voices in contemporary painting, Liang Wei has been developing a unique form of abstract art that combines influences from both modern and classical traditions. Avoiding any conceptual or thematic approaches to painting, Liang’s compositions start by sourcing images from a large range of subject matter in order to tear them apart and reassemble them into new forms from her imagination. These compositions are the ...