• Current Exhibition

    East, South, West, North

    Artist: Timur Si-Qin

    Date: Nov. 23, 2018 - Mar. 9, 2019

    Curated by Yuan FucaWinds of the South, great serpent, thank you for your presence here. Winds of the West, Jaguar, thank you for the teachings you bring. Winds of the North, rhymes, rhythms, patterns, ancestors and descendants, thank you for being with us. Winds of the East, details and grand overview, thank you for the light to see by. Sweet Mother Earth, we inhale your breath, we drink your blood, we eat your flesh, we – your children give thanks. Father Sky, we stand in awe and reverence of your great mystery.-- Q’ero prayerMagician Space is proud to present a second ...
  • Past Exhibition

    Hello, Dusk!

    Artist: Duan Zhengqu

    Date: Sept. 15 - Nov. 15, 2018

    “I always think dusk causes a sadness in people and that the night is deeply mysterious. Looking back to my childhood, it had a special significance to me and it seemed to imply an overpowering yet indefinable melancholy. What’s more is the immense sense of things ‘unknown’ – where everything is seemingly hidden along with their unrevealed possibilities. Dusk turns into something that captivates us because of this unknowable feeling. This is precisely the reason why issues relating to expressions of this ‘mystery’ continues to captivate me.” ...