• Current Exhibition

    Access Through a Detour

    Artist: aaajiao Wong Ping Liu Yefu Liu Yin Nabuqi Song Ta Wang Shang Cici Wu Lantian Xie Yu Ji Yan Jun

    Date: Jan. 19 - Mar. 11, 2018

    ‘Access Through a Detour’ is a group show organized by Magician Space. The exhibition explores the discrepancy of what is seen and unseen to the viewer, looking at how artists move beyond the definable boundary of things. To go somewhere via a detour is not the same as losing attentiveness. It is about taking into account something not immediately visible, when there is a certain pleasure in becoming unmoored with a sense that an image can never quite fully capture something in its entirety. In this context, how does distancing help us to produce an effect within this sit...
  • Past Exhibition

    Wang Bing: Experience and Poverty | Liu Zhan: The Mysteries of Animal Reproduction

    Artist: Wang BingLiu Zhan

    Date: Nov. 18 - Dec. 31, 2017

    Wang Bing: Experience and PovertyCurated by Yang BeichenItwas nearly a century ago that Bertolt Brecht loudly proclaimed ‘Remove EveryTrace!”It was aclassic modernist political call to arms, marking an aspiration to locate arupture and displace a particular moment, a time when the tide of historyrecedes to lay bare ‘poverty’ in order to enable the production of something‘new’ to begin once more. Yet similar to Wang Bing’s video workTraces(in Chinese the character iscloser to ‘relic’) these traces have to be retrieved little by little. The lensgathers things, record...