• Current Exhibition

    Tang Yongxiang: Shape

    Artist: Tang Yongxiang

    Date: May. 15 - Jun. 26, 2020

    Curatorial Practitioner: Carlie Yixuan Chang & Jing JinMagician Space is pleased to announce our next exhibition Tang Yongxiang: Shape from May 15th to June 27th, 2020. Eleven new paintings by the artist will be presented in this exhibition with a unique display approach. Launching with the long-term artistic practice of Tang Yongxiang, this project aims at investigating painting as a type of media, and how the painting is transferred between its materiality and the depicted objects. Magician Space will be holding both 'reality' and 'virtual' platforms simultaneously during...
  • Past Exhibition

    Remaining Images

    Artist: Wang Bing

    Date: Apr. 18 - May. 8, 2020

    Remaining ImagesMagician Space will present a special program ‘Remaining Images’ by Wang Bing, from April 18th to May 8th. In 2017, 51 photos of ‘Remaining Images’ were exhibited as the visual image section of Documenta 14. This collection includes 102 photos in both black-and-white and color, which were taken by Wang Bing at Tiexi District, Shenyang City, Liao Ning Province, China, from 1994 to 2001. This collection represents some sort of memory preserved by individuals, it does not belong to society nor the general history. It's not a kind of elaboration from the per...