• 2010-10-01

    Liao Guohe By Stacey Duff Soure: TimeOut Oct.2010

    Liao GuoheBy Stacey Duff There are a few horrible, ugly paintings here that a lot of people aren't going to like right off the bat. They're going to snarl into their armpit something like:' My third grader could do this with their eyes shut '. It's the kind of bad painting that brings out the disapproving bitch in the nicest of people. For those who disdain naive impulses in contemporary art, this...
  • 2010-09-13

    Liao Guohe: I am not painting randomly at all By Pei Gang Source: www.Artron.com

    Liao Guohe: I am not painting randomly at allBy Pei Gang Age of both order and chaos, the unusual scenery to which people have been accustomed to become "suspicious." One hand, people enjoy the material comforts brought by the city, on the other hand they experience the extreme anxiety. Human's existence is only because the extension of human physical life; continuation of human is just satisfy...
  • 2010-08-12

    Gao Weigang Interview By Pan cheng Source: www.artnow.com.cn

  • 2010-07-10

    Hu Yun By Stacey Duff Source:TimeOut Jul.2010

    Hu YunBy Stacey Duff TimeOut Jul.2010This is the 24-year-old Shanghai-based artist's debut solo show,and it marks an important arrival.Best visited alone-when summer and lethargy are in the air-the show is pregnant with undertones of abandonment,disuse and false promise.The exception is arguably the on-site installation that greets you out on the lawn in front of the gallery.The piece is called'H...
  • 2010-06-21

    Artist Hu Yun's Darkly Amusing Installations By Xiaoxiao Yan Source: ArtInfo

    Artist Hu Yun's Darkly Amusing InstallationsBy Xiaoxiao YanBEIJING— Hu Yun, a young artist from Shanghai, is having his first solo show of his career, entitled "Up to the Sky," at Magician Space in Beijing from May 30 through July 25. Curated by Karen Smith, the exhibition features the artist's most recent installations and videos. Before even entering the gallery, the viewer encounters an instal...
  • 2010-04-30

    I Believe Someone Will Take Me There, But That's For Tomorrow By Liang Shuhan Source: www.artforum.com.cn

    I Believe Someone Will Take Me There, But That's For Tomorrow By Liang ShuhanOver a century ago, post-impressionist artist Paul Gauguin’s Where Do We Come From? What are We? Where are We Going? (1897), his representation of indigenous tribes, reveals people’s spiritual alienation due to the impact of European industrialized society. Thus, people were becoming fragmented and disillusioned, whi...
  • 2010-04-13

    YU BOGONG: CROSSING THE RIVERBED By Guo Fang Source: LEAP, April 2010

    YU BOGONG: CROSSING THE RIVERBEDBy Guo Fang Source: LEAP, April 2010Compared to the works on view in Yu Bogong’s 2007 show “Karma” at China Art Archives & Warehouse, those of his recent outing “Crossing the Riverbed” at Beijing’s Magician Space assume more complex forms. Yu has always been engaged in exploring connections between the internal spiritual world and religion, historical memory...