Li Jinghu and Liu Chuang at “Digging a Hole in China”, OCAT Shenzhen

Digging a Hole in China

Dates: March 20 - June 26, 2016

Venue: Exhibition Hall A, OCAT Shenzhen

Artists: Cao Fei, Colin Siyuan Chinnery, Li Jinghu, Lin Yilin, Liu Chuang, Liu Wei, Wang Jianwei, Xu Qu, Xu Tan, Zhang Liaoyuan, Zheng Guogu, Zhuang Hui

Curator: Venus Lau

Opening Reception: March 20, 2016, 5pm


OCAT Shenzhen is proud to present the large-scale exhibition, “Digging a Hole in China,” on view from March 20 to June 26 in Exhibition Hall A. Featuring a range of works produced in contemporary China that bear a connection to land, the exhibition attempts to expose and analyze the discrepancies between this genre of work and “conventional” land art understood in the Western-centric art historical context, thereby probing the potential of “land”—as a cultural and political concept—in artistic practice.

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