Wang Shang at group exhibition "La Chair", A+ Contemporary

La Chair
Curator:Yang Zi
Exhibition Period: 7. 16 - 9. 4. 2016
Venue:A+ Contemporary
Artists:Jinag Cheng, Li Qi, Shen Yangchao, Sun Wenhao, Wang Shang, Xie Yi, Zhang Ruyi

A+ Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of group exhibition La Chair on 16th July, 2016. This exhibition is curated by emerging curator Yang Zi as one of A+ Contemporary’s Emerging Curators programs that aim to showcase youth curators’ observation and analysis toward creative practice of artists of the same generation. The 7 exhibiting artists include Jiang Cheng, Li Qi, Shen Yangchao, Sun Wenhao, Wang Shang, Xie Yi, and Zhang Ruyi. Yang Zi refers to the concept of French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s “La Chair” and Masahiro Mori’s “Uncanny Valley”, these two concepts form a verb-object relationship—with the work being the “object” “secreted” by artist himself/herself. The exhibiting artists also experience such conflict and reconciliation during the development of sensory perception towards their work. The exhibition will be on display until 4th September, 2016.

Exhibition view:

Wang Shang Jewelry

Wang Shang No Shadow Without Light

The concept of “La Chair” resonates with this thread. According to Maurice Merleau-Ponty, “consciousness” is not the same as what “I think”, in fact, it desires and imposes action on the opposing body that embodies the original perceptions. The intention of the curator is to highlight the phenomenon of constant repudiation that artists face in contemporary art scene when trying to unite with their work: rapid reaction to the news, blindly following the trends, and strategic adjustment and formalization of their work for commercial purposes…all contribute to create a huge gap with artist’s personal experience. All exhibiting works from “La Chair” aim to overcome this gap. Wang Shang displays his fine jewelry as a response to the video work that acts as “fake commercial”; while emphasizing the insignificant of human beings, it also resonates with the artist’s own career path.