Not Early Not Late

Not Early Not Late
Exhibition period: 2016.8.4--9.15
Venue: Pace Beijing

Yao Qingmei, The Trial, 2013, Video (French with English & Chinese subtitles), 9 min

Pace Beijing is pleased to present Not Early Not Late at 4pm on August 4, 2016. This is an exhibition of work by nine artists and focusing on video art once again after We Love Video this Summer in 2014.The exhibition features nine video works and screens, creating into inner and outer space-time, have partitioned the whole site. Each single video itself has already established an integrated and independent internal world while output devices, the screens, will form a intertextual relation with current spaces and spectators when every time it is playing. Besides, the time-attributes exhibition title Not Early Not Late can be regarded as an incentive to all refreshing meaning, which is about to happen.

Exhibition view

The exhibition will present the amplitude of video art on language creating and thinking processing.Yao Qingmei directs and stars in works that bring clarity and completeness to this fragmented choreography. By playing typical roles in the social power system, Yao Qingmei brings her unique brand of humor to bear on a biting examination of it. In The Trial, the artist dons a military officer’s cloak and fiercely condemns a vending machine as a representative of capitalism. The perfectly tuned humor and absurdity does nothing to dilute the critical nature of the artwork. To the contrary, it ensures the appropriate distance for proper consideration. Yao Qingmei’s role-playing is established atop fixed impressions shared by mass society.