Jiang Zhi solo exhibition "One Is All, All Is One" at TKG+

Jiang Zhi Solo Exhibition: One Is All, All Is One
Dates: 2017. 2. 18 - 4. 16
Venue: TKG+

TKG+ is pleased to present One Is All, All Is One — Jiang Zhi Solo Exhibition, on view from February 18 to April 16, 2017. The exhibition investigates the mélange of experiences and spiritual struggles endured by the individual in contemporary society, at the same time implying anxieties and desires that drive the collective survival instinct today.

The title “One Is All, All Is One” indicates an interrelationship between the individual and the external world. As the individual who inhabits the world, they experience the collective anxiety and ponder their relationship with the outside world while discerning a difference in their own anguish and others'. The disparate notions that are displayed externally can be traced back to the similar desires of individuals from another era. This perspective echoes the exhibition title in that “all” does not refer to you or me, nor does it designate the collective. Instead, it indicates a relative distance of comprehending and a relative relationship, or it could be considered a speculative process where the subject and the object keep exchanging roles.

Jiang Zhi exposes the illusory externalization of the world through shaping the subject and exploring sensory mechanisms. An idea of the artist thus becomes clear: for the subject, the world lies not without, but within — we and the world intertwine in each moment as one ; one is all and all is one. This exhibition embodies all the aforementioned ideas, translating social reality through the personal state of mind. In addition to providing us with an opportunity to think and observe in order to find meaning and direction in the ever- changing reality, this exhibition is also a continuation of the artist's two other exhibitions Jiang Zhi: All and Jiang Zhi: Predestiny (both 2016), highlighting the power of the subject and the inescapable responsibility for the world.

Rooted in this context, One Is All, All Is One comprises four series that meticulously analyze the interrelationship between the self and the external world. His video work Onward! Onward! Onward! (2006) exemplifies the intense yet obscure collective consciousness and belief in progress in juxtaposing images of leaders relentlessly running forward. Another video work In the Wind (2016) chronicles the perplexities and pains we endure as we move along with the tides of history and personal memories. Photographic work Elegy (2013) instantiates a swan song that resonates with the changing times through images of human skin pierced, hooked, or pulled by tangible threads, creating “light” of a tactile, even agonizing nature. Oil series The world is yours, as well as ours (2014–2016) blends photography , printmaking, oil painting, and digital technology into a new painting style that reexamines how the human being observes the extrinsic world and how we manifest the world that is present.

Jiang Zhi's work is a clinical analysis of the self and the inner mind, a manifestation of perception through the body after the artist has digested his personal experiences and social phenomena. Instead of specifying hidden social issues, the artist offers a chance to contemplate through immersing the viewer in perceptual transitions. This exhibition allows the viewer to discern unnerving déjà vu that is fabricated by the artist, while pondering the subjective and objective factors that cause the unease, further understanding the individual cocooned in the inextricable web behind his imagery.