Tang Yongxiang at “Post Wave: Temperament and Avant-garde”, The Barn Contemporary Art Space

Post Wave:Temperament and Avant-garde

Curator : Dai Zhuoqun

Artists : Chen Xiaoyun, Jiang Zhi, Tang Yongxiang, Wang Yuyang, Wu Junyong, Zhao Yang, Zheng Guogu and Zhou Li 

Organizer : The Barn Contemporary Art Space

Artistic Director : Zheng Wei

Opening : 2017.5.13 16:00

Duration : 2017.5.13-2017.6.20

Address : C3 Space, North District, Of OCT loft, Shenzhen

… A tidal wave emerges at a distance, expands gradually, it transforms in shape and color, rolling and surging forward, and eventually it crashes, and disappears on the shore before returning to the sea. … yet things are not that simple: it’s hard to separate a wave from the ones behind it, as if the backwash pushes this one forwards, sometimes even trying to override it; similarly, it’s equally hard to separate the tides from the previous one, as if it’s being pulled in rushing to the shore, at the end, it turns around to crash back in order to stop it from going any further. From a horizontal perspective, the scale of the tide shares the same width as the seashore, and it’s difficult to determine where it stretches to, where it stops, or divides into separate tides of different momentum, shape, strength and direction.


– Italo Calvino

The new group exhibition “Post Wave:Temperament and Avant-garde” at The Barn Contemporary Art Space is curated by Dai Zhuoqun, and presents the works of eight artists,Chen Xiaoyun, Jiang Zhi , Tang Yongxiang , Wang Yuyang, Wu Junyong, Zhao Yang, Zheng Guogu and Zhou Li. 


Post Wave:Temperament and Avant-garde, grounded on the reflections upon the general direction and the condition of intellectual history over the last millennium, while attempting rectify chronology, the new ideologies from the old. From Kang Youwei’s “Reforms” to the “May Fourth Movement”, these two incidents influenced Chinese culture on two major shortcomings over the last millennium. The former, confronted by the impact of Western influx and under the pursuit of self-renewal and strengthening, blindly opposed the old, as it aspired to the new, by abandoning tradition and aiming at total westernization; the latter, abandons the new to safe keep the old in order to protect cultural subjectivity, its anti-intellectual path led to restoring the empire and a path of isolated populism. Both directions have left detrimental and irrevocable impacts. In the present moment, as the human civilization is gradually steering towards the globalized new world order, its kept equal importance and sensibility on the understanding and introspection of “contemporaneity” and “locality”. China and the West, the backwash and the avant-garde, under the shared pretext of progressing modernity, are like the shadow following its form, advancing wave upon wave, it tries to trace back to the origin in order to revive the contemporary, rebuilding cultural subjectivity with the assistance of diverse cultures. In its stretching temperament, shifting waves, the one who’s consistent, to the end of the waves, are the truly great men. 

Exhibition view:

The Backs of Two Girls Stroking Their Hair, Oil on canvas, 138×138cm, 2015

Some Areas of Color With Three Blocks of Blue, Oil on canvas, 80×100cm, 2015

Patches of Color, Three Hands and a Partition Line, Oil on canvas, 80×100cm, 2015

Exhibition view