Yu Bogong at "You can't hide -- Contemporary art and destiny", Xian Space

Exhibition duration: 12 August - 28 August 2017
Curator: Duan Jun

Contemporary artistic creation values accidental and uncontrollable, except for these, Destiny is also a creative consciousness the factors which often emerge in contemporary art, including modern art, life of wandering, lonely, nightmares, hallucinations, infatuation, addiction, anxiety, depression, absurd, sad, harm and destruction, are destiny's face.

Destiny give mysticism tendency to work that is often difficult to be clear at a glance, it seems to be hidden behind the unknown event or power, don't hide not to drop, run, confusing, but helpless, it is not only for their own destiny cannot grasp and unable to resist external force, is the cruel reality to lament, destiny so cruel.

The color of destiny was spit on because of superstition, but it is not the so-called mechanical determinism, which contains the artist instead of self awareness, awareness of destiny exists, as well as the struggle with the fate. “You can't hide——Contemporary art and destiny”make art ease of emotions and desires, the individual's sadness, impetuous, anger, sadness, and so on the performance of the filter and rational, don't hold the pride of "man can conquer nature" attitude.