Wang Zhongjie at "New Perspective in Chinese Painting", Primae Noctis Art Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland

New Perspective in Chinese Painting

Exhibition duration: 23 November 2017 - 19 January 2018
Artists: Liu Ding, Jiahua Qian, He Wei, Liu Wei, Wang Zhongjie

As part of its focus this fall on the art of Asia, Primae Noctis is going to present the work of five renowned
contemporary artists – Liu Wei, Liu Ding, He Wei, Qian Jiahua and Wang Zhongjie – whose works reflect the
highest points of contemporary Chinese art and suggest the ways towards contemporary practitioners
move. Reinterpreting the techniques and styles of earlier artistic traditions, assembling different means
towards a more conceptual view of Arts, these artists greatly express the newest artistic styles in which Asian
art is evolving. Featuring paintings and one installation of Liu Wei, the group show aims to look close to this
Oriental window as one of the world’s richest visual traditions.By considering the continuing power and role
of both traditional and innovative visual techniques, this fresh interpretative survey of Chinese experimental
art engages Liu Wei’s conceptual revisitations, artworks and installations produced through a process of
tinkering and manipulation in order to make continuous significant alterations, like any other form of matter
does.Constantly challenging the conventional context of artists’status, Liu Ding’s creations involve critical
thinking while investigate the various mechanisms and rules of the art system. According to his sense of
value and his reflections, the artist tests all the various relationship between artworks and other types of
objects, before further extending its scope to understanding the full range of production relationships in the
art system.The file rouge of conceptualistic art practice continues with a more recent generation of artists
like He Wei, Qian Jiahua and Wang Zhongjie, whose art blurs the boundary between figuration and
abstraction. While He Wei observes the world around him and develops virtual sketches, following a welldetailed
creative scheme, where everything is the calculated fruit of the mind's empire before exploding as a
strong migrane in his psyche, Qian Jiahua and Wang Zhongjie move from an impeccable minimalism
dominated by symmetry and balance in which everything is order and silence, and where colors and shapes
become more and more intense and definite.

This exhibition revolves around key artists active across China and internationally, whose creations aim to
forge reality free from ideology, to establish the individual apart from the collective polity, and to define
contemporary Chinese experience in universal terms, It looks at a bold contemporary art movement that
agitates for the

Exhibition view:

Courtesy Primae Noctis Art Gallery