Wang Bing: Traces at Tate Modern Weekend Film Series, 23-25 November

Tate Modern Weekend Film Series
23rd - 25th, November
Starr Cinema, Tate Modern

Tate Modern will present Wang Bing's works its weekend film series, from November 23rd to 25th. Wang Bing is a leading figure in documentary cinema, his singular body of films witness the accelerated transformation of China’s landscape with a deep sense of intimacy and sincerity. Primarily working alone or with a very small crew, his films use natural light and long shots as they observe the everyday lives and struggles of people living on the margins of Chinese society. The resilience of the human spirit is at the heart of each of these works, opening up timely existential and socio-economic questions. With a bold approach to cinematic form, Wang Bing continues to expand the possibilities of the medium to represent histories and communities.

This Pioneers film series surveys the artist’s filmic portraits of labour and remote survival, as well as his dedicated examination of a suppressed chapter of Chinese history. The programme marks the first London screenings of Man with No Name and the monumental West of the Tracks in its entirety, and includes an artist talk in which Wang Bing will share his 2014 video Traces for the first time in the UK.

"There are no fixed rules or policies about what you should or should not do with cinema. So I always try to keep an open mind: for me, the film image is a recording of the reality of human existence in a given historical, socio-economic and political context, but at the same time it contains emotions, beauty, something more abstract that is perhaps Art." 

--Wang Bing