Li Jinghu at the In this World, We, Hessel Museum, Bard college, New York

In this World, We
APRIL 07, 2019– MAY 26, 2019
Venue:CCS Bard Galleries

         Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College

Li Jinghu is taking part in the exhibition
In the World, We in Hessel Museum of Bard College in New York.This installation was inspired by the artist’s experience of living in Chang’an, an industrial town in Dongguan: every morning Li Jinghu awoke to the sound of running water from migrant residents living in neighboring apartments.This sound indicated the migrant workers’ morning preparations for their working day. Li invited his migrant neighbors to film videos in their apartments on their mobile phones, with instructions to point the camera at the faucets running water as the work’s primary visual subject. The diegetic sound in these videos also includes the sound of birds in their neighborhood, which was a largely industrial district within the town. When the mobile phones are installed in a row, they evoke the vertical motion of a waterfall. The original presentation of Waterfall (2016) created in Chang’an included mobile phones that were owned by the migrants who took the videos. In this version, the original video is presented on mobile phones purchased from the Lower East Side Ecology Center in Brooklyn, New York that recycles the old mobile phones of local residents.