Yao Qingmei at Bicycle Thieves, Para Site, Hong Kong

Bicycle Thieves
Curator: Hanlu Zhang.
Opening reception: 7:00 - 9:00pm, Jun 28, 2019
Duration: Jun 29 – Sep 1
Locaition: Para Site
, Wing Wah Industrial Building, 677 King’s Road,Quarry Bay

Yao Qingmei, The Trial, 2013, Video, 9 min, Courtesy the Artist and Magician Space

Yao Qingmei’s video “the Trial” will be participating in the group exhibition “Bycycle Thieves” at Para Site, Hong Kong. 

Bicycle Thieves is interested in the fine line between sharing and stealing. Paying tribute to theeponymous Italian neorealist film in which a worker spends all his family savings to buy thebicycle needed for a new job but ends up losing the bike at the hands of a thief on his first dayof work, the group exhibition extends the film’s concern to a contemporary context andhighlights individuals’ precarious status as situated within increasingly tricky relations tovarious institutions and systems.

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